Summer holidays = Elderflower Cordial

Photo by fotomarekka/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by fotomarekka/iStock / Getty Images

It's festival time, Wimbledon and #heatwave* - it's properly summer.  

Here is a fave summer recipe, and helps keeps the kids busy too!

Get: 20 heads of Elderflowers (come on kids!), 1.5kg of sugar, 2tsp of citric acid (we used tartaric, it worked); 1 sliced lemon, 1.2L of boiling water (adults, or adult supervision). Mix them all together in a big bowl until the sugar has dissolved. Remove any residue off the top. Cover with a tea towel or pillowcase, and leave overnight, stirring occasionally. Strain and bottle. It is ready to drink - diluted**. We found ours a little sweet, so will try a little less sugar next time.

Serving suggestion: Make a virgin Pimm's by adding ice, strawberries, lemon, apple, mint etc with still or sparkling water.

Also goes very well with a G&T. But that's less child/driver friendly.

Serve in? Take it with you in your Ecoffee cup.   


*Heatwave? But is it? I'm Aussie. A heatwave is 40-degrees for a week, right? I've been here long enough though that Scotland's 20 degrees is somehow hotter.

** With thanks to the wonderful recipe book: Andy Hamilton's Booze for Free