Hey girls Menstrual Cup

Hey girls Menstrual Cup


The menstrual cup sounds like a bit of a nightmare but we are assured by friends in the know that (once you have got the hang of it) it is really liberating. Ditch the bleached, pesticide riddled cotton tampons or pads, unharness yourself from buying sanitary products every month and contribute to waste reduction and plastics floating about in the environment or washing up on our beaches where the kids play!

Buying a Hey Girls Buy one Give one menstrual cup also supports the fight against period poverty. Your purchase also buys a cup for a UK girl or young woman in need. Girls are missing school because they cannot afford sanitary products but you can help. It also supports Lil’s work to help clean up those beaches.

A menstrual cup is not only liberating, it will save you money, have less environmental impact that tampons or towels and will last for years.

LARGE SIZE WILL BE IN STOCK BY END OF SEPTEMBER. Email us at hello@dolilthings.org if you would like to reserve one 🙂

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Small - suitable for women who have not given birth or who are less than 25 years of age

Large - suitable for women who have given birth or are over 25 years of age.

100% Medical grade silicon


Latex free

Phalate free

BPA free

Dioxin free

Comes with storage pouch