Calendula, Lavender and Geranium Rose face cream (v)

Calendula, Lavender and Geranium Rose face cream (v)

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A lovely every day cream, perfectly balanced between enriching without greasiness.

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From Kath and John Muirhead in Co'burnspath

Anam cara is an old Gaelic term for "soul friend", and is reflected in Celtic spirituality, where community, relationships and nature blend harmoniously.  We live and love in a land once immersed in Celtic spirituality, which we now affectionately call ‘The Garden of Scotland’. 
Keeping relationships at the heart is important to us at Anam Cara.  We love that Naturals have evolved out of feedback and suggestions, creating bespoke products, of the best quality, and a fair price. 
Believing that nature is the best source, our ingredients are few, fresh and simple, made up of blends of oils, essential oils, and botanicals.  We have taken care in their selection, knowing that what we put on our skin also becomes absorbed into our body. 
Our products are home-made, ecological, of food grade, and sourced locally where possible.  We have worked hard to ensure they take care of and bring vitality to your skin.   And we have taken care in our blend of aromas too, and we hope you will find them relaxing and invigorating. 
We believe that Anam Cara Naturals is a great gift to yourself, and to your friends and family.