Hasslacher’s Hot Drinking Chocolate

Hasslacher’s Hot Drinking Chocolate


Solid bar drinking chocolate made from 100% cocao. Zero added sugar. Just take 2 chunks and add to hot milk, whisk, sweeten to taste and enjoy!

Can also be used as cooking chocolate in muffins, brownies or cakes (or just to eat if you like really dark chocolate!).

Get it while you can though. Dr Cornell, a contributor to the Stockholm resilience report says "Chocolate is just one example of a globally important crop that grows in warm and humid climates. But global warming doesn't mean that there will be more places to grow cacao beans - in fact, it's the opposite.A rise in global temperatures causes weather systems to be unpredictable and inconsistent, which would put cacao growing at risk.” 😓

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Product of Columbia, supporting sustainable cocao farming

Paper wrapping made from sugar cane.

internal wrap of waxed paper - reusable. Awaiting confirmation of recycling status.