Dried chickpea noodles

Dried chickpea noodles


Fab just to munch on their own, these dried chickpea noodles are known as ‘sev’ on the Indian subcontinent, where you can find them added as a garnish; or as ‘Masala sev’ with chopped onion, tomatoes and green chillies; or spiced with garlic, red chillies, mint leaves, rice flakes and potato wafers for namkeen or farsan. I’m keen to try some fusion mash potato croquettes… goodbye leftovers.

Select how many quantities of 100g (56p/100g) you’d like and we’ll get them to you in recycled paper bags, or visit us with your containers at events.

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Ingredients: Gram Flour Noodles, Rapeseed oil, salt, turmeric. Please get in touch with any allergy concerns. The Lil Pantry stores food that contains gluten, nuts and other allergens.