Toasted Coconut Chips

Toasted Coconut Chips


Toasted coconut chips: Dried sliced kernel of Cocos nucifera, pasteurised and toasted to a light brown, with a toasty, nutty flavour. Mix in to your breakfast, curry, or just snack away. Healthy, plastic-free snacks. Order in quantities of 100g.

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Why buy unpackaged? Major supermarkets are releasing 59 billion pieces of plastic packaging – over 2,000 items for every household in the country - every year. Let’s cut that out of circulation altogether.

Please select at checkout if you’d like to use our recycled paper bags or preloved containers; or contact us if you’d like to arrange your own containers.

Ingredients: coconut. The Lil Pantry and our wholesalers are busy places and contain nuts, gluten and other allergens. Please contact us with any allergy concerns on . Please also email us if the product is ‘out of stock’ and we’ll see what we can magic up.