Organic long grain brown rice

Organic long grain brown rice

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Has a richer chewier texture than white rice, with a sweet nutty flavour.

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Looking for perfect rice? Rinse until the water runs clear. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes. Drain and add water (allow 1 cup rice to 2 cups water). Bring to the boil, then reduce heat and cover. Simmer until tender and most water has absorbed (around 20 minutes). Remove from heat and leave to stand for 5 minutes with the lid on. Fluff with fork and serve.

The Lil pantry is a busy place. We do our best but even from some of our wholesalers, can’t guarantee products have not come into some contact with allergens (nuts, gluten, wheat, soya, sesame, sulphur dioxide, etc). Please contact us with any allergen concerns.