Lil pantry box

Lil pantry box

from 10.00 every month

We know it can be tricky meal planning, or remembering to get your Lil order in on time. We’re hoping to solve that - with your Lil pantry box. Just like a veg box, we’ll curate your kickstarter to a lower impact pantry. Once you’ve selected which option you’d like below, a form allows you to tell us what kinds of things you want. Eat a lot of pasta? Don’t want dried fruit? Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll do the rest.

You can advise us of quantities if you know, top up with more of something, shop as normal.

If you want to set up a regular customised box, please email us at (Then others can buy it too!)

Boxes currently available:

  • Essentials: We’ll select your pantry essentials up to £20.

  • If, like us, your essentials include coffee and chocolate, that’s £30.

  • Just coffee & chocolate? £10 This is a box of Steampunk coffee for a cafetiere plus a wee treat of organic Belgian chocolate buttons via the Chocolate Tree.

  • Essentials plus? £20 of pantry basics, plus a wee soap or other treat. (£25)

These are charged monthly. Select your delivery option at the checkout.

Pic is Sue’s £20 box, with her own preloved plastic bags getting a new life, some of her jars and some of ours 💚

Box type?: