Pre-steamed No 1 (Thick) Noodles (dried)

Pre-steamed No 1 (Thick) Noodles (dried)


Oodles of noodles. A staple in our house, quick & easy to prepare, loved by young and older alike, great in soups, Asian cuisine or just as a quick meal stir fried with a few veg and a bit of tofu or chicken. Nom nom 😋

Order in multiples of 100g. Each nest of noodles is approximately 100g (+\-10g) dry weight. Please select at checkout if you’d like to use our recycled paper bags or preloved containers; or contact us if you’d like to arrange your own containers.

Zero plastic packaging from suppliers.

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wheat flour, salt, natural colour (carotene & paprika), acidity regulators ( sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, citric acid).

Potential allergens in bold

Cooking Instructions

Cooks in 8 minutes. For perfect noodles - Place in a pan of boiling water for 8 minutes, stir a couple of times during cooking. Drain & rinse with boiling water. Serve. If using in a stir fry and cooking with other ingredients, boil for 6 minutes, drain & rinse before adding.

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