OMG... where to start!?

It’s overwhelming. Plastic.

How the heck is one person supposed to tackle that!?


Well you will be delighted to know that you, that one person, are not alone - far from it. There are whole communities taking action and everyone one of us can do something to help. Make a start. You don’t need to be perfect, but be consistent. Make a change and stick with it. When you’re ready make another.

To help you get started or take the next step, here are a few ideas below...

Do let us know how you get on and share your tips for lil lives

Cheers for now

Sarah & Louise xx


10 Lil Things You Can Do

1. BYOB – bring your own bags. Most of us avoid the charge on plastic bags by taking our own shopping bags. You can also take smaller, light cotton bags for your loose fruit and veg. Store them somewhere you will see them when you go shopping so you don’t forget.

2. Buy yourself and your family a refillable water bottle, preferably steel rather than plastic. In the UK, 16 million plastic bottles go to landfill every day (on 2016 figures) creating toxic leachate. Imagine how many don’t even make it to a bin and end up in our oceans!

3. Avoid takeaways. But we’re all busy and since we personally can’t function without the odd (several) coffees, let’s be realistic and avoid what packaging we can. Some 500 billion coffee cups go to landfill every year. Take your own reusable coffee cup and own cutlery.

4. Switch to eco cleaning products* as you run out. Look for natural, environmentally neutral cleaning products in compostable paper or card or refillable containers (we can help). Or you could make your own if you’re keen (we love vinegar + bicarb).

5. Compost: put those kitchen scraps, tissues and more to good use in the garden. Or if not, take advantage of East Lothian Council’s food waste scheme.

6. Refuse straws (and cocktail stirrers). If you want one, carry your own – they come in biodegradable paper or better still bamboo or steel.

7. Switch to natural plant-based soap bars, as well as shampoo, conditioner and shaving bars. Kinder for your skin and for the planet. If that’s a step too far, switch to refillable options and keep using the same bottle.

8. Tidy up anywhere: pick up 3 pieces of litter every time you walk, be it the beach, a hike, the daily commute or school run.

9. Ask yourself if you really do need the car? Could we walk it? We’re hearing of more families using the local CoWheels as a ‘second car’ with hybrid and electric options.

10. Shout about it. Let us know how you’re getting on Facebook and Twitter @DoLilThings and share it with your friends, families, strangers on the street.

*not all eco cleaning products were created equal. Speak to us about it or see

Louise Hastie