Line or Tumble?

Here's a few reasons why its a great idea to line dry:

✔Save money - Line drying your clothes (vs tumble drying) over just the summer can save an average of £30 to £40 a year on your electricity bill. If you’re a washing heavy household then you stand to save a heap more than that.

✔Reduce your carbon footprint - CO2 is a major cause of climate change. Average use produces 90kgs in CO2 emissions but again intensive use will be more.

✔Its kinder to your clothes. All that tumbling of fabrics against each other wears away the fibres (hence dryer lint), causes fading and the heat can increase shrinkage and shape changes in your clothes making them fit less well and more likely to be discarded in our fast fashion world.

✔Research suggests it is more time efficient - add up how long it takes to separate clothes that can go in the dryer or not, loading, unloading and folding and compare to hanging out and folding as you bring in. In our house this also avoids the clean washing sitting waiting to be folded until the kids just raid it for what they need!

✔It can also reduce ironing if you're canny about how you hang - peg smart trousers folded with a crease, hang shirts out on hangers etc (not that I iron at all!)

✔Sunshine makes your whites whiter, helping to reduce the need for harsh chemicals in your laundry process (& in waste water or next to your skin!). Put your whites out in the sunniest place, colours in the shadier area or time of day (if you're bothered about fading).

✔ You can dry inside too -just remember to open a window front and rear to get some airflow and avoid condensation.